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The Problem

As licensed mental health professionals, we noticed that some of our clients who were coming for weekly sessions would struggle in between their scheduled appointments and needed additional support, encouragement, or accountability.


What if there was a way to help them bridge their work and achieve their goals more rapidly?

The Solution

My Therapy Coach is a service for clients who are in therapy and would benefit from additional support in between their sessions. We have a team of licensed mental health professionals that are available via zoom, phone calls, and text. These therapists understand the therapeutic process and help coach clients on areas of difficulty until their next scheduled session.


We also service clients who do not participate in therapy but have specific goals they need support with.

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How To Get Started

Reach out to our intake coordinator to schedule a call and learn about our packages.

Explore Our Coaches

Choose between our highly skilled coaches who are all licensed mental health professionals.

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Choose Your Package

Pick a package that best suits you and your needs.

We Are Here For You

Feel free to reach out with any questions throughout the process. We are here to assist you!

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