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Yehuda Hecht, LSW

Life can be challenging and confusing at times, especially when mental health challenges are thrown into the mix. Yehuda Hecht is someone who deeply cares and wants to help in any way he can within the role he has. He views a person holistically, believing that everyone has innate goodness within that doesn't need to be created but unveiled. Yehuda believes that everyone deserves to live their best lives and have a fair chance at following their aspirations and goals, and he humbly hopes he can help them get there.

Personally, Yehuda Hecht is still trying to become the best version of himself. He loves to inspire, motivate, and hold space for others. Viewing life from a holistic perspective, he enjoys having a good time, laughing, and getting outdoors. Yehuda is naturally a jovial person but acknowledges the struggle to view life positively when things get hard. As a coach, he seamlessly blends motivation and encouragement while ensuring that clients feel seen, heard, and safe. Yehuda doesn't beat around the bush; he takes reality seriously but infuses it with hope, understanding, and perspectives to move towards a direction of success internally and externally.


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